Eagle Vision Nutrition Testimonials

What Clients of Danielle Dellaquila MS, CNS, LDN are Saying


“Danielle is compassionate, easy to talk to, and she understands our specific struggles. She helps us to understand how to nourish our bodies for health, energy and mental clarity. She is professional, and she provides us with customized plans that fit our body needs. She shows great empathy and understands underlying issues well. She is a great listener and she reinforces our inner wisdom while supporting us unconditionally and with such a positive demeanor. She reminds us that we are seeking progress not perfection. I cannot recommend Danielle enough and it has truly been a pleasure working with her. She is a great partner for any wellness journey.”

-Dr. Adriana McGarity, Missouri 

“Danielle is the type of doctor I didn’t believe existed anymore. She is a health practitioner who really cares, who takes the time to get to know her clients’ whole health history. I was recently diagnosed with a very confusing and hard to manage food intolerance, salicylic acid intolerance, and not only was she familiar with my diagnosis, she was able to spend a lot of time with me, digging deeper to get to the root causes of the issue. She made sure I had all the supplements I needed to get the nutrients I had been deficient in, and 6 months later I have the food freedom I had dreamed of, my digestion is finally back on track, and I feel healthier than I’ve ever been. I am so, so grateful!”

     -Lucy Bergan, Maine


“Danielle is amazing! She walks her talk and has help me with many nutritional issues over the years.”

     -Iman Bance, Hawaii


“Danielle’s dedication to helping you get well is inspiring. I had chronic gut issues and high cholesterol. Her all natural diet suggestions and natural supplements lowered my cholesterol without medication and my gut issues are GONE. I am now able to eat what ever I want! I highly recommend working with Danielle. I trust her with my life.”

    –Kerrie Bodendorf, Massachusetts 


“My first meeting with Danielle was just a few months ago, but I am already feeling more positive about my health. I’ve been struggling these past few years with trying to identify what was causing some health issues – suspecting they were connected to nutrition. I’d been trying to make changes in my daily eating habits – which included eating a lot of prepared /processed foods. My efforts to make changes myself weren’t very successful because I just couldn’t find a good starting point, or decide on a direction – I lacked a good road map. Danielle took the time to listen to my concerns, encouraged comprehensive bloodwork, then analyzed my labs and explained to me how the results connected to the issues I was experiencing. Danielle factored all of this into a nutrition plan (food & supplements), and gave me suggestions and resources to help me get started. Danielle has a way of explaining complex medical information that is easy to understand, and I think knowing the “why” behind a treatment plan is crucial. I’m making progress, cooking more, and incorporating more fresh, whole foods into my daily intake. I feel confident in the road map Danielle provided and I’m very grateful for the support!”

    -Loretta T., Massachusetts


“I met Danielle at a Workplace Wellness program and it changed the way i now view my health, nutrition, and how to answer many questions the traditional medicinalists could not help me with. She is smart, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I have been on the right path since then ( over 8 years now). I highly recommend Danielle.”

     -Jackie Douda, Massachusetts


“The Paleo re-set diet was a revelation and helped lower my blood pressure, reduce inflammation and thankfully lose the next five pounds in my weight loss journey to find my best weight. Danielle was knowledgable and the group check-ins provided more support than I expected.”

     -Rudy Peirce, Massachusetts


“Danielle is very personable and knowledgeable. She worked very diligently with me to help me resolve fatigue and headache issues. She uses a very objective approach including questionnaires and bloodwork to narrow the causes down. For me the exclusion process was almost as important as the root cause since I now know what not to be concerned with as well as items I must focus on to stay well. I highly recommend her.”

     –William Gatewood, Tennessee


“Danielle was recommended to us by a friend last year when my daughter and I were having some health issues. She helped us understand our lab results and gave us both a thorough plan to treat and support our bodies. She was quick to answer any questions and went out of her way to make things both easy to access and affordable. She has a wealth of knowledge and will readily seek out answers to questions she has not encountered before. She continues to be my go-to resource when I have a question about a lab result, symptom or supplement. I am very thankful to have her as part of our health team!”

-Holli Turner, Utah

“I’m a 48 year old mom of 3, with a passion for functional medicine and a whole foods keto lifestyle.  I listen to podcasts and YT videos daily, as well as reading books when I can.  I know A LOT, and am typically a DIY-er when it comes to my my family’s health, but I had gotten to the point that I was overwhelmed and paralyzed with too much info, so I decided to take a chance on working with a health coach, and am very glad I did.  Danielle has been a lifesaver!  After a discussion of my history and issues (mild depression, brain fog, lack of drive and focus) she suggested some tests to ask my regular doctor for, as well as a GI Map test.  We discovered I had inflammation and very high zonulin (even though I had been off of grains for many years), both of which indicated leaky gut.  The Dutch Test also revealed low neurotransmitters and high cortisol.  Danielle helped me decide which tests to order, helped interpret them, and suggested a protocol, which has been quite successful in helping me get to the next level in optimizing my health.  I’m feeling much better.  More in control, upbeat, and excited for the future. My 16 year old son Grant had been struggling with severe acne.  We did the GI Map on him as well, and was shocked to find multiple gut infections, including high C-diff (which he was asymptomatic for.)  His immune system was working overtime on those gut infections, and had no extra soldiers to fight the non-life-threatening bacteria wrecking havoc on his skin.  The test also showed Grant, in black and white, the inflammation that wheat was causing him, and drove home the importance of avoiding it. The supplements Danielle recommended completely eradicated the gut infections.  Gradually over about two months, Grant’s skin cleared drastically.  He feels much better and has made the connection between what he eats and how his skin looks, as well as how he feels.  He’s realized that dairy is also a problem for him, but we’re still working to completely remove that one.

The biggest turn around has come from my 79 year old mother, who was in very bad shape, and I do mean VERY bad.  She had been dealing with chronic fatigue, orthostatic hypotension, depression, and severe digestive issues for years, but it had gotten to the point that she could no longer safely live on her own, or function with any quality of life.  Her many doctors were of no use, and couldn’t explain what was causing her symptoms.  Their unspoken words indicated that her life was winding down, and there was not much we could do.  I ordered the GI Map for my mom from Danielle, and HOLY COW, am I glad I did!  Turns out she had multiple gut infections (Salmonella, Yersinia Enterocolitico, Pseudomonas, and Staphylococcus Aureus.)  Her Secretory IgA was very low, showing her immune system was shot.  She had probably had some of these infections for years, but all of her well meaning doctors, nor the 3 hospital stays in the previous 2 years, had turned up any answers.  The powerful herbal protocol Danielle recommended worked.  It took a few weeks to start seeing results, but once it kicked in, my mom came back to life like I hadn’t seen in years.  She’s now back living at her own home, driving, taking care of herself, working in her backyard, and getting out and enjoying life again.  Also, a miserable persistent yeast infection in her ears has finally cleared up and she’s able to hear better.  The difference is stunning. Overall, Danielle’s incite and advice has been invaluable.  She’s kind and easy to talk to, and if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she researches it and gets back to you.  She also conferences with Dr. Jockers and the other health coaches weekly to help solve unusual problems.  It is costly, and not covered by insurance, but not out of reach for most people.  Also, Danielle will work with you to stay within your budget.  She doesn’t push anything you’re not comfortable with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.”

-Lisa Carrasco, Texas

“Danielle was wonderful to work with, and she gave me the tools and guidance to heal my stomach after attempts by myself, mainstream medicine and even other natural paths failed. Coupled with the detailed lab work that Danielle thoroughly walked me through, and a healing antimicrobial protocol I was able to heal my stomach. After my nutrition work with Danielle, my husband and I started trying for a baby in February and got pregnant our first try! I’m now 29 weeks along, pregnant with a baby girl in the belly due November 23rd! I’m so very appreciative to have worked with Danielle; had I not had her help healing my stomach, I know I wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant so quickly! And my stomach has been doing so great throughout this pregnancy, I’ve been able to eat food I couldn’t in the past, it’s really quite amazing! I highly recommend Danielle, she is highly experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and pleasure to work with!”

-Sarah Williams, Maui

“Early this year Danielle began to help me gain digestive function. For decades I dealt with a hiatal hernia that caused anemia and heartburn. Following hernia repair surgery with a Nissen Fundoplication, those symptoms went away, but my digestive system was so traumatized that I quit absorbing nutrients, developed Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO) and my digestive mobility was totally messed up. I quickly began to feel that I was perishing. My gastroenterologist offered little in the way of help or even diagnosis. Fortunately, Danielle came highly recommended with a quote of “she saved my life”. That’s exactly what she did for me. She saved my life. After extensive blood, stool and urine lab work, Danielle was able to determine what issues my system was dealing with. She advocates an organic paleo meal plan and recommended supplements to get a high level of nutrients into me, repair my digestive track and build my systems up. Danielle provides lots of resource materials and guidance. It worked! After less than six months, my digestive mobility is better than it’s been for decades. The symptoms of IMO are gone. I have energy and endurance that makes me feel years younger. Not only does my digestive track feel better, my bladder and kidneys feel better too. My skin, hair and nails look healthier. I’m stronger. Success depended on me being willing to think differently about what foods I need to eat and what to avoid. Taking a lot of supplements is not easy. It requires being organized and diligent. Ultimately, it’s so much easier to do the work to become healthy than to stay sick. I continue to take some supplements and I will have labs taken again to see what I might need to continue to work on. I can now eat most foods, but I still limit the ones that caused problems. I continue to eat organic and high-nutrition foods Danielle recommends. Organic foods actually taste better. Overall, eating has become a pleasure again. Thank you, Danielle!”

    -Nancy Orth, Massachusetts


“This past summer my 11 almost 12 year old daughter, Lacey,  was diagnosed with hashimotos. She had been very tired and sluggish and had gained a lot of weight which she was very insecure about. After her diagnosis I felt very overwhelmed at where to start. I found Danielle and emailed to see if she could help guide me in building Lacey’s body up to be as healthy as she could be. We had a FaceTime session and immediately I knew we had found the right person! Danielle personalized a plan for Lacey and has guided us through all of it. In four months Lacey has transformed into this beautiful, lively 12 year old.  I’m so thankful to Danielle for helping us! It felt so overwhelming at first but after receiving a plan from someone so knowledgeable as Danielle it was like a burden was lifted! She has walked us through every step and was always quick to answer my questions! I know God put her in our life at just the right time!” 

-Jen Mayes Chattanooga TN 

“I was pleased with the patience, understanding and wisdom Danielle shared with me during our time together.  When you’re beaten up by your health, one can use any and all hope and encouragement possible.  Thank you Danielle!”

-Eric De La Cruz, New York

“I recently had the extreme pleasure of working with Danielle as my first ever nutritionist. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed working with her. Due to circumstances beyond both of our control, we had to part ways. But I would go back to her in a heartbeat if it works out. She is very knowledgeable, pleasant to talk to talk to and willing to listen and modify her approach if she deems it necessary. I’m not an easy guy to work with because I have some very strong opinions but she accommodated me very well. The last thing I told hers “I just love you” and I think you will too.

-Mike Kapilla, Illinois

“Danielle has had spot-on intuition about what was happening to me, from the initial conversation through the whole coaching process. She guessed from our first contact that I had SIBO, which was confirmed by testing. But she also gave answers to the many questions I had throughout the whole treatment process, answers that tended to be again, be spot-on. She has been an invaluable resource for me for both information, coaching, and encouragement. I could never have done this without her!”

-Bill Delvaux, Tennessee

“It was fantastic, illuminating, comforting, supportive and truly healing to have worked with Danielle for my digestive issues. I have been struggling with digestive issues for well over a decade and for the first time since then now feel like I’m starting to run on all cylinders which just feels amazing. She helped me to better understand nutrition, the body, and my overall health and wellbeing. A truly holistic approach, which is what I was looking for all along. Not only was she very knowledgeable, she was great to talk to as well! I felt like she really listened to me and took the time to address all my questions and concerns, which is contrary to what I’ve experienced with other health practitioners. Not only is Danielle an awesome health coach, she is an invaluable teammate in one’s journey to health.”

-Oscar Leon, Los Angeles, CA

“I met Danielle because she was my Nutrition professor in college. She had mentioned she had a private practice and I immediately asked for a consultation. I just love her passion and she’s so easy to talk to. I’m excited to reconnect with her and get my blood analysis done. There is no one else I’d rather in my corner.”

     -Jillian Knapp, Massachusetts


“I was searching for some answers/clarity with my husband’s blood work.  I noticed that Danielle offered to look at labs during her consultations.  I signed my husband up and it was a great move.  Danielle is easy to talk to and she is very flexible with her consultation times.  She put our mind at ease right away and suggested some supplements and some small dietary changes and follow up blood work.  Two to three months later my husband’s blood work was back on point!

I did ask Danielle some questions that weren’t her area of expertise but she did get us answers.  What medical doctor do you know of that would admit they didn’t know something but still find you the answer…hmmm not many.  What medical doctor would actually look at your blood work and suggest supplementation and dietary changes over pharmaceutical drugs, again not many if any.

So if you are looking to become the CEO of your own health but need some motivation and guidance to get started then look no further than Danielle.” 

-Alison and Ray Hawkins, New Jersey

“I’ve been meeting with Danielle since highschool, when I first found a deep interest in optmizing my health. She’s taught me so much about holistic wellness and gut health. But she also understands balance and how to align protocols with different lifestyles. Everytime I reach out with concerns, she reassures me that I’m in control of my health and that there is always an answer. I plan on keeping in touch with Danielle going forward and thanks to her, my gut is stronger than it ever would have been!”

     -Grace Simpson, Massachusetts


“Danielle is a phenomenal treasure chest of information and knowledge of the human body, and the nutrition to keep it nurtured in the best condition. She is also an exceptional, dynamic, and wonderful woman.”

-Jayne Newirth, Massachusetts

“I found Danielle after listening to a Podcast by Dr. David Jockers and starting the Gut Healing Program.   I was trying to hone in on some of my health problems after numerous blood tests and ultrasounds and after our initial conference, Danielle started me on the Sugar Detox / Paleo Template Program instead.    For many years prior, I felt that I had discovered the correct diet/nutrition program and as a result of never really feeling good in various ways, I had turned to her.   Danielle has been extremely supportive and has led me in the right direction that I have needed.  We have begun to resolve many issues through a Paleo Template Diet/Lifestyle and high quality supplements that work for my personal health condition.  She has been quite responsive to my emails and has answered all my questions in a timely manner even though we are 1000’s of miles apart.  I highly recommend Danielle and feel that she is a real partner in “peeling away the layers of the onion” for the necessary sleuthing that it takes to discover how to rebuild one’s health naturally.”

-Chana Rachel Kean, Jerusalem, Israel 

“I participated in 2 of Danielle’s Sustainable Eating/Weight Loss Programs.  Danielle’s approach gave me the tools to manage lifelong improvements in my nutrition and overall health.  She presented the building blocks of a healthy diet in easy to “digest” explanations and demonstrations.  Many of the changes I adopted from Danielle’s classes were completely foreign to me and frankly, unappealing and threatening.  But her method of presentation – explaining how our bodies respond to different types of foods, providing a step by step approach to gradually adopting better nutritional habits (trying new foods, eliminating bad ones) and giving us the opportunity to try foods we had maybe never heard of – made them feel very natural and easy to adopt.  Additionally, Danielle is very approachable and responsive to questions, sharing her own experiences and those of others to help her clients find an approach that works best for them.  I am very grateful for the knowledge Danielle shares with her clients and I feel confident that with her help I am able to sustain lifelong good health and nutrition.  Thanks Danielle!”

-Marni Joseph, Connecticut

“The Paleo jump start program provided by Danielle was an eye opening experience, not only in learning about healthier eating, but the vast knowledge shared about how healthier eating not only promotes weight loss, but also how it positively affects mood and wellbeing as well as joint health and maximizing multi organ performance.  Danielle was generous in her sharing of best practices and recipes as well as introducing benefits of fermenting foods.  She has offered to be a continued resource beyond the life of the 4 week program.”  

-Denise Cordner, Connecticut

“The weight loss program was a great foundation for me starting a plant based diet. I learned new things on whole food living and fermentation benefits. With all of our lives being stretched with activities, health is paramount to keep pace. 

Danielle is one of the most knowledgeable sources for healthy lifestyle eating and the program made sense. No fads, pills or starvation. Simply making adjustments that are sustainable long-term.

I never thought I would be eating fermented vegetables and avocado daily, but the benefits are undeniable. I recommend this program for anyone, regardless of your personal knowledge about healthy eating lifestyles because I am sure you will learn things that will enhance your program and goals. This program teaches eating to live and not living to eat. Try it!”

-Nyema R. Pinkney, ACE Manager, SCM Business Process Management Collins Aerospace, Connecticut

“Danielle is very knowledgeable and helped me move to a much healthier eating lifestyle. Since I started her “SEWL” program I have lost 7 pounds in the last six weeks. The great news is as we go into the holiday season, I don’t have the cravings for the holiday treats which would ruin all of my efforts so far! The program has improved my health and energy levels.”

-Rich Harrelson, Virginia

“Sitting in Danielle’s nutrition classes has been an eye opening experience. I was in need of a nutrition ‘awakening’ because as my forties hit I realized I was not eating as healthy as I should, and weight seemed to stay longer than I wanted it to.  I was challenged by her 21 day cleanse and took the leap. I feel great, have less cravings for sugary foods along with refined flours.  Presently on day 17, I am ready to incorporate this style of eating into my everyday menus for my family as well as myself. I did this cleanse to kick start my system and detoxify my gut as a whole, and to help get me on the path to better and healthier eating. Weight management has been a wonderful fringe benefit and although I do not weigh myself daily, I wish I had measured my hips and thighs because jeans are fitting so much better and food is not ruling my every thought.  If you want to bless your body by eating healthy, exercising and having an overall different attitude about what you put into your mouth then I would recommend Danielle’s 21 day cleanse. Her expertise and knowledge on nutrition along with a caring heart for each client will give you the boost you need to see lasting change in your attitude towards food.  Thank you Danielle, it’s been a wonderful experience once my family realized I was sticking to it.”

Brenda Jones, Massachusetts 

“Thank you so much for offering this workshop.  I’ve learned so much about fueling my body with whole(some) and healthy foods.  Consequently, I’m much more aware of what I eat and similarly, I’m much more attuned to what my body really craves.  As a result of this cleanse, I feel healthy and energetic and I have fewer aches and pains in my joints.  I’ve also had the added benefit of dropping almost 10 pounds–without feeling hungry.  They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and thanks to you, I think I have a number of new eating habits that I will continue doing from here on out.  Thanks again!”

-Maureen Moslow-Benway, VA

“Danielle’s cleanse was amazing! I learned so much and I can’t believe how great I feel. I went into this hoping I could lose a few pounds (which I did) and that maybe I would feel healthier but this has exceeded my expectations. I was rarely hungry, the food was yummy and I feel like I can easily go on using a modified version of the cleanse. I feel energetic and clear headed and want to continue to feel that way. I’m not afraid of eating “good fats” anymore and I love adding fermented foods into my diet which is something I hadn’t given much thought to before this. Thanks Danielle!”

-Robyn Settino, MA

“Future Cleansers, if you are on the fence about it all I can say is DO IT!!!   I am now in the last week of the cleanse and despite a couple of hiccups (due to the holiday season) I feel great and have lost about 8 pounds.   My energy is through the roof and and my focus on daily tasks, work, kiddos and life in general is crystal clear.   The best part of this cleanse is that you still get to eat. And the food is so yummy. I have cooked so many delicious dishes in what is now my new staple…. Coconut Oil!!!! So my advice to you is embrace 2014 with a fresh, focused start by jumping on the cleanse bandwagon :)”

-Justin Bitler, NH

“Danielle’s cleanse has reconditioned my taste buds from my sugar cravings to craving more vegetables!  I feel released from my thoughts of what sweet I can eat next, and that is huge progress for me.  I also realized how many of the filler- foods/sweets I was feeding  to my kids, as well.  We have implemented more vegetables into our meals by a third, at least.  I feel full on this cleanse.  I think the coconut oil, nuts, and coconut milk keep my hunger at bay and I feel great!  My energy level is more balanced throughout the day which keeps me from craving the terrible foods my body does not need.  I feel lighter, my moods and energy levels are balanced, my craving cycles are much more in control, and I feel super proud of myself that I tried it.  OH!  I am also running now to get my heart rate up instead of my normal walking.  Thanks for all the advice and tips for making me feel better in my everyday life, Danielle.  It is really empowering.”

-Jessica Gibb-Buursma, VT

“1. I wanted to lose 10 pounds and after 2 weeks and a slow weight loss start, I have lost 5 pounds and it is starting to melt away more easily so I think I will likely reach my goal by the end of the 21 days.

2. Usually I experience terrible caffeine/dairy/gluten detox effects on day 2 or 3 but not with the cleanse. I am not sure what to attribute it to, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hate starting a program and spending day 2/3 with horrible headache and vomiting.

3.  I have addressed some food fears- seeing all the healthy people with their green, gross jars of green smoothies that looked vile, I have become one of them and it is really easy to throw kale, fruit and coconut milk in a vitamix and it is surprisingly yummy and filling and it is pure energy in a jar.  I have also fermented my first food and again, I was surprised how easy it is.  Cabbage was the easiest for me.  Carrots didn’t turn out. Beets and turnips were ok- I would do beets by themselves next time.

4. I feel like the intermittent fasting shifted my relationship with food.  Instead of the traditional, eating small meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism working, I like the concept of filling up my tank during a short eating window and then letting my body work off that reserve until the tank needs to be refilled the next day. Also, with the busy life I have, it simplifies my life to think about preparing some shakes and food and then not having to worry about eating three meals and snacks.  I like the simplicity.

5. I really think this could be a sustainable life style- eliminate certain foods that I am not particularly attached to, and eating unlimited quantities of the good foods. I did feel satiated, rarely felt hungry and most importantly, rarely felt deprived.

6. I felt like if I had a bad day and things creeped in, I didn’t beat myself up and it was easy to get back on plan the next day without feeling like I sabotaged everything. Again, this feels sustainable as a lifestyle.

7. I found some new meals that are easy to make and that are yummy- including coconut oatmeal or quinoa in the morning, and curry chicken/vegetables.

8. I like the FB community to feel connected to others doing the cleanse- to be inspired by stories of yummy recipes or even to hear challenges.  I felt connected to a group which help inspire me to stay true to the cleanse.

9.  I really appreciated doing it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I usually just surrender during this season but it has been so nice to lose weight during this time and knowing I will start the new year in shape.”

-Sharon Richardson, SC

“Danielle is a pleasure to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable, and works with ones individual needs. She goes the extra mile, keeps in constant contact, and fast to respond!! I highly recommend working with Danielle for your nutritional needs!!

-Jillian Knapp, MA

“Danielle’s food cleanse allowed me to kick a life long sugar addiction, restoring my energy, concentration & losing 10 lbs. Good food, easy plan, most of which I’ve been able to maintain all year by following an 80/20 rule & have kept off the weight. Great personal support from Danielle, her documentation & the community she sets up of other participants. Highly recommend starting 2015 with Danielle.”

-Laurel Harrelson, VA

“Danielle is such a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and more then willing to help in anyway that she can!! She has done so much research in so many areas. If you are having a specific issue, I am certain she will have a suggestion towards a solution. I worked with Danielle doing her cleanse.Not only is Danielle awesome to work with but the cleanse is amazing. The results, physically and mentally, are unreal! The cleanse does take adjustments and commitment but Danielle provides support and recipes to help along the way. I highly recommend Danielle and her services.”

-Lizz Melbourne, MA

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