00922Are you confused as to what the “right way” to lose weight would be? Are you tired of losing weight just to gain it right back again? I have the tools to help you succeed! Not all weight loss programs examine and treat the ROOT of the problem.  That is KEY for weight loss to be a success! From making sure that your intestinal lining is in good health, balancing the “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut (which can play a huge role in your metabolism!) to debunking food myths and fashionable diets, to helping you get in touch with your “spiritual food self”; I will cover it all!!

I equate my nutrition consulting work to the work of a detective. Every BODY is different. Every PERSON is unique. Foods that agree with one person may not for someone else. I believe that health begins in our digestive tract. Having a healthy and proper balance of “good” versus “bad” bacteria is key to one’s well-being. My specialty is playing “Nutrition Detective” and  helping you discover which foods from the “Approved Food List” agree most with your body and your overall health.

The Sustainable Eating Weight Loss Program will provide you will all the tools you need to adapt to and learn a new way of eating. It provides nourishing food that helps eliminate unhealthy cravings and allows your body to feel satiated. This is not a program that is going to leave you feeling deprived and hungry. I will also provide some insightful videos for feeding your spirit as well as your body. We can not possibly adopt a healthy lifestyle unless we are aligned with our true selves. Through conversation and resources, I will assist you in accomplishing this.

Sign up for the Sustainable Eating Weight Loss Program today! The cost of the program is $150. This price includes a 30 minute initial phone consult, an “Approved Food List”, information on key ways to improve your health, unlimited email contact with me for 3 weeks and daily educational/support emails. Two to three weeks into the program, you will have another 30 minute phone consultation to follow up with me and to evaluate how things are going thus far. At the end of the three month introductory program if you find that you’d like continued support with your weight loss journey, there is an option to receive it. You can add on another three, 30 minute phone consultations for $75 to be used at any time during the following year.

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