General Wellness Program Package


This program is a great option for those folks who are looking to address: weight, metabolic issues, food sensitivities, mild gut issues, lipid/cholesterol abnormalities, autoimmune disease and more.



  • 1.5 hr Initial intake appointment including a metabolic review, health and diet history review, current dietary analysis, previous test(s) review, lab test recommendations, personalized meal plan and supplement recommendations
  • 3 hours of follow-up appointments, in 6, 30 minute increments over a 3 month period, held bi-weekly
  • 10% off all supplement recommendations on Fullscript**
  • 10% off cost of any functional medicine test**
  • This program is available local and in person or via Zoom appointments.

*Please inquire about payment installment plans if needed

**The cost of additional functional medicine tests or supplement are additional


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