Intestinal Health During Pregnancy for Baby’s Optimal Health!



Did you know that your baby will inherit your bacteria upon birth?

Did you know that while a baby is in utero, his/her gut is sterile?

During birth a baby inherits his/her mothers’ bacteria in the birth canal. Recent
research shows that the bacteria one inherits during birth influences health or
disease. Inheriting a healthy population of “good” bacteria will decrease the
chances of your baby developing allergies, asthma, depression, auto-immune
diseases, obesity and more! Join nutritionist Danielle Dellaquila to learn more
about the importance of establishing good intestinal health during pregnancy.

Intestinal Health for Pregnancy & Postpartum

with Danielle Dellaquila of Eagle Vision Nutrition

Wednesday October 14th @ 6:00-7:30pm

In the Community Room at the Center for Midwifery Care(yellow house)

To preregister, please contact Danielle: 413-320-1997

Attendance is free and open to all

TWO-PART CLASS SERIES:  START BABY OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT:  Intestinal Health During Pregnancy for Baby’s Optimal Health!

Interested in the idea of developing healthy intestinal flora but wondering what you can do throughout your pregnancy?

Join Danielle for a two-part class to learn what you can do during your pregnancy to
optimize your intestinal environment. She’ll discuss diet and how to make fermented foods
and beverages at home. This is your chance to offer your baby your best possible microbiome
during pregnancy and childbirth to ensure optimal well-being for both you and your baby.

Saturdays October 24th & 31st,  @ 10:00am-12:00pm

$40-50 sliding scale

Please contact Danielle to preregister: 413.320.1997 or

Nutritionist Danielle Dellaquila has a M.S. in Nutrition and a B.S. in Exercise Science. Danielle is the owner of Eagle Vision Nutrition where she uses her combined knowledge of nutrition and exercise to help her clients attain ultimate health. Danielle’s latest passion is how diet influences intestinal health in terms of auto-immune disease, allergies, weight control, depression and intestinal distress.


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