Danielle Dellaquila MS, CNS, LDN is a Functional Nutritionist specializing in gut health and a Functional Medicine trained practitioner.  


Danielle has an M.S. in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Rhode Island.
Her Functional Medicine training was with the Kresser Institute (developed by Chris Kresser), where she became an ADAPT Trained Functional Medicine Practitioner.  The Kresser Institute is the only Functional Medicine training program that teaches ancestral nutrition and lifestyle principles as well as how to apply them in clinical practice.  Danielle expanded her Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine training by completing the following courses:

In addition to Eagle Vision Nutrition, Danielle’s experience in the Functional Nutrition field includes working as an adjunct faculty member to a several local colleges, as a Nutritionist at a United Technology Corporation’s wellness center, as a Functional Nutritionist with DrJockers.com, at Chris Kresser’s (closed 4/30/21), Adapt180 Health a membership based, virtual functional medicine health transformation program.  She is currently working part-time with Dr. Margaret Christensen, as a remote Functional Nutritionist for her Functional Medicine Clinic, Carpathia Collaborative in Dallas, Texas.  

Danielle works remotely as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist with clients all over the world, as well as locally at her home office, in the Portland/Scarborough, Maine area.  

Danielle Dellaquila MS, CNS, LDN specializes in intestinal health, blood chemistry analysis, nutrient deficiencies, autoimmunity, specialized diets, food sensitivities, weight loss, metabolic disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease/health and more.

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When Danielle is not helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellness as a functional medicine nutritionist near Portland, Maine, she can be found in the woods, hiking and exploring, walking on the beach while working on her Vitamin D levels, cooking her favorite Paleo-friendly meals, mountain biking, doing West African dance, hanging out with her daughters, Gabbi and Lillie, and husband, Tim, or traveling the world and seeing all that it has to offer.  

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