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Thank you so much for offering this workshop.  I’ve learned so much about fueling my body with whole(some) and healthy foods.  Consequently, I’m much more aware of what I eat and similarly, I’m much more attuned to what my body really craves.  As a result of this cleanse, I feel healthy and energetic and I have fewer aches and pains in my joints.  I’ve also had the added benefit of dropping almost 10 pounds–without feeling hungry.  They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and thanks to you, I think I have a number of new eating habits that I will continue doing from here on out.  Thanks again!  Maureen, Richmond, VA

Sitting in Danielle’s nutrition classes has been an eye opening experience. I was in need of a nutrition ‘awakening’ because as my forties hit I realized I was not eating as healthy as I should, and weight seemed to stay longer than I wanted it to.  I was challenged by her 21 day cleanse and took the leap. I feel great, have less cravings for sugary foods along with refined flours.  Presently on day 17, I am ready to incorporate this style of eating into my everyday menus for my family as well as myself. I did this cleanse to kick start my system and detoxify my gut as a whole, and to help get me on the path to better and healthier eating. Weight management has been a wonderful fringe benefit and although I do not weigh myself daily, I wish I had measured my hips and thighs because jeans are fitting so much better and food is not ruling my every thought.  If you want to bless your body by eating healthy, exercising and having an overall different attitude about what you put into your mouth then I would recommend Danielle’s 21 day cleanse. Her expertise and knowledge on nutrition along with a caring heart for each client will give you the boost you need to see lasting change in your attitude towards food.  Thank you Danielle, it’s been a wonderful experience once my family realized I was sticking to it.  Brenda, Russell, MA

This cleanse was amazing! I learned so much and I can’t believe how great I feel. I went into this hoping I could lose a few pounds (which I did) and that maybe I would feel healthier but this has exceeded my expectations. I was rarely hungry, the food was yummy and I feel like I can easily go on using a modified version of the cleanse. I feel energetic and clear headed and want to continue to feel that way. I’m not afraid of eating “good fats” anymore and I love adding fermented foods into my diet which is something I hadn’t given much thought to before this. Thanks Danielle!  Robyn, Framingham, MA

Future Cleansers, if you are on the fence about it all I can say is DO IT!!!   I am now in the last week of the cleanse and despite a couple of hiccups (due to the holiday season) I feel great and have lost about 8 pounds.   My energy is through the roof and and my focus on daily tasks, work, kiddos and life in general is crystal clear.   The best part of this cleanse is that you still get to eat.   And the food is so yummy.   I have cooked so many delicious dishes in what is now my new staple….Coconut Oil!!!! So my advice to you is embrace 2014 with a fresh, focused start by jumping on the cleanse bandwagon 🙂  JB, Grantham, NH

Danielle’s cleanse has reconditioned my taste buds from my sugar cravings to craving more vegetables!  I feel released from my thoughts of what sweet I can eat next, and that is huge progress for me.  I also realized how many of the filler- foods/sweets I was feeding  to my kids, as well.  We have implemented more vegetables into our meals by a third, at least.  I feel full on this cleanse.  I think the coconut oil, nuts, and coconut milk keep my hunger at bay and I feel great!  My energy level is more balanced throughout the day which keeps me from craving the terrible foods my body does not need.  I feel lighter, my moods and energy levels are balanced, my craving cycles are much more in control, and I feel super proud of myself that I tried it.  OH!  I am also running now to get my heart rate up instead of my normal walking.  Thanks for all the advice and tips for making me feel better in my everyday life, Danielle.  It is really empowering.  Jessica, Jacksonville, VT

1. I wanted to lose 10 pounds and after 2 weeks and a slow weight loss start, I have lost 5 pounds and it is starting to melt away more easily so I think I will likely reach my goal by the end of the 21 days.
2. Usually I experience terrible caffeine/dairy/gluten detox effects on day 2 or 3 but not with the cleanse. I am not sure what to attribute it to, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hate starting a program and spending day 2/3 with horrible headache and vomiting.
3.  I have addressed some food fears- seeing all the healthy people with their green, gross jars of green smoothies that looked vile, I have become one of them and it is really easy to throw kale, fruit and coconut milk in a vitamix and it is surprisingly yummy and filling and it is pure energy in a jar.  I have also fermented my first food and again, I was surprised how easy it is.  Cabbage was the easiest for me.  Carrots didn’t turn out. Beets and turnips were ok- I would do beets by themselves next time.
4. I feel like the intermittent fasting shifted my relationship with food.  Instead of the traditional, eating small meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism working, I like the concept of filling up my tank during a short eating window and then letting my body work off that reserve until the tank needs to be refilled the next day. Also, with the busy life I have, it simplifies my life to think about preparing some shakes and food and then not having to worry about eating three meals and snacks.  I like the simplicity.
5. I really think this could be a sustainable life style- eliminate certain foods that I am not particularly attached to, and eating unlimited quantities of the good foods. I did feel satiated, rarely felt hungry and most importantly, rarely felt deprived.
6. I felt like if I had a bad day and things creeped in, I didn’t beat myself up and it was easy to get back on plan the next day without feeling like I sabotaged everything. Again, this feels sustainable as a lifestyle.
7. I found some new meals that are easy to make and that are yummy- including coconut oatmeal or quinoa in the morning, and curry chicken/vegetables.
8. I like the FB community to feel connected to others doing the cleanse- to be inspired by stories of yummy recipes or even to hear challenges.  I felt connected to a group which help inspire me to stay true to the cleanse.
9.  I really appreciated doing it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I usually just surrender during this season but it has been so nice to lose weight during this time and knowing I will start the new year in shape.  Sharon, Sunderland, MA

Danielle is knowledgeable, responsive, and super helpful. She takes a personal interest in helping and goes the extra mile with follow ups and in formation. Laurie C.

Danielle is a pleasure to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable, and works with ones individual needs. She goes the extra mile, keeps in constant contact, and fast to respond!! I highly recommend working with Danielle for your nutritional needs!! Jillian, Westfield, MA

Danielle’s food cleanse allowed me to kick a life long sugar addiction, restoring my energy, concentration & losing 10 lbs. Good food, easy plan, most of which I’ve been able to maintain all year by following an 80/20 rule & have kept off the weight. Great personal support from Danielle, her documentation & the community she sets up of other participants. Highly recommend starting 2015 with Danielle. Laurel H.

Danielle is very knowledgeable and helped me move to a much healthier eating lifestyle. Since I started her “SEWL” program I have lost 7 pounds in the last six weeks. The great news is as we go into the holiday season, I don’t have the cravings for the holiday treats which would ruin all of my efforts so far! The program has improved my health and energy levels. Rich, Powhatan, VA

Not that I’m prejudice, but I did the 21 day cleanse and I lost 17lbs. Which encouraged me to have a sleeve bi-pass surgery and I lost more weight doing the cleanse than the surgery so far. Danielle will always go above and beyond because she has so much knowledge about health she wants everyone she knows to be healthy, but sometimes we are to hard headed to listen. I Love You My Baby!!!!! Vincenza, Plainville, CT

Danielle is such a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and more then willing to help in anyway that she can!! She has done so much research in so many areas. If you are having a specific issue, I am certain she will have a suggestion towards a solution. I worked with Danielle doing her cleanse.Not only is Danielle awesome to work with but the cleanse is amazing. The results, physically and mentally, are unreal! The cleanse does take adjustments and commitment but Danielle provides support and recipes to help along the way. I highly recommend Danielle and her services. Lizz, Boston, MA

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