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21 Day Whole Food Cleanse ($150):  

See cleanse page for details.

Sustainable Eating Weight Loss Program ($150)

See weight loss page for details.

Post Natal Nutrition Program ($150)

See post-natal page for details.

Grocery Shopping Tour and Consult ($75-100/hour):

Have you ever found yourself in a grocery store feeling confused by claims and ingredient lists written on food packages?  We always hear opinions from friends and the media as to which foods are “good” to eat and which are “bad”, or which kinds of “diets” work for weight loss and which ones don’t.  Let me help take the mystery out of grocery shopping for healthy foods by giving you a tour through a local market, where I will show you what you need to look for when selecting foods.  We will go through the entire store where I will share key strategies in choosing nutritious foods as well as how to avoid the traps of buying unhealthier options.  Bring the kids!  This can be a great educational opportunity for the whole family.

Food Preparation at Your Home ($75-100/session or 4 for $280-360):

Sometimes you might hear of, or pick up, a new vegetable or grain and not know what to do with it.  I can help show you practical and easy ways to make a meal out of your new food options.  I will also share simple recipes that can be done without taking up too much of your precious time.

Kitchen Makeover ($150-200):

Careful planning is essential to eating healthfully.  We all know that we eat the foods that are available to us.  If our kitchens are filled with delicious and nutritious options, then that is what we will grab when we are hungry.  Let me help you look at what you have in your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer and determine which foods may be interfering with your health. You will learn how to transform your kitchen into a place that supports good nutrition with tasty options.  This takes an average of 2 hours.

Grocery Shopping Tour and Kitchen Makeover Combo ($200-275):

Get a discount when you buy these services together.  These services combined, will help you make a giant leap in the right direction towards good health and nutrition.

Nutrition Counseling ($75-100 per 1 hr. session at my office or via Skype or $100/hr if I travel to your home):

I will assist you in making food choices that feel right for you, give you energy and be abundantly nutritious.  I will also educate  you on how to reduce cravings of sweets and processed foods by showing you alternatives that are healthy and satiating. We will look at difficulties you might have in shifting the way you eat and discuss strategies that may be helpful in making healthy changes.  This may be done in the comfort of your own home, or we can meet out at a cafe.

Personal Training ($60-85 per 1 hr. session, 5 for $190-275):

Let me guide and motivate you through fun, invigorating workouts that will be sure to make you stronger, healthier and more fit.  I specialize in “out of the box” ways to exercise.  Gyms can work for some individuals, but getting exercise out in nature can be much more interesting and satisfying.

Individual Exercise Plan ($75-100):

We all know that exercise is an integral component to health and that we should all partake in it. Whether you prefer to workout at home, out in nature, or in a gym, I will develop an individualized exercise plan for you based on your current physical condition and goals.

Vita-Mix Distributor:

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*I am a firm believer that everyone, regardless of income, is entitled to good nutrition information.  Please don’t let cost deter you from contacting me.  Contact me and we can work out an arrangement.

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