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21 Day Whole Food Cleanse


The 21 Day Whole Food Cleanse is designed to assist people in taking control of their health. The goal is to help jump start and reset your body to crave nutrient dense foods rather than sugar laden, processed food. This cleanse is intended to provide your body with the RIGHT energy it requires to function in its full capacity as well as the opportunity to rid your body of built-up toxins. This cleanse will also be a good opportunity to help determine if you have any food sensitivities or allergies. Do you suffer from chronic diarrhea, upset stomach, eczema, fatigue, bloating, gas, mood swings or migraines? These are just some of the symptoms of food allergies and sensitivities.

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3 reviews for 21 Day Whole Food Cleanse

  1. Jill

    Danielle’s cleanse not only helped me lose weight (5 pounds!), it taught me so much about how to eat well even once It was over. What seemed intimidating at first became familiar and habitual, and now even a year later I can say I eat better overall because of Danielle’s class!

  2. Cyndy Sperry

    It has been almost 2 years since I participated in the 21 day cleanse and the lessons learned during those 3 weeks continue to inform my and our family’s eating. I had always thought of our family as having a pretty good diet but it definitely got better after participating in Danielle’s extremely well thought out and researched program. I never felt better. It gave me a new wellness benchmark to aspire towards and I plan to do it again after the holidays. I have to share this one observation: initially it seems challenging to create the extra time to cook and eat better foods but once sugar no longer controls the metabolism, the calm that ensues allows a slower pace and the urgency of eating now and fast disappears. This was one of the most important lessons I absorbed. (It also helps doing this cleanse with a friend–good to have support when you begin a culinary revolution). Thank you Danielle.

  3. Debbie

    For most of my adult life my eating has been very out of balance where I would overeat sweets then try to compensate by starting another new “healthy” diet. I’m almost done with the 21 day cleanse and feel beyond wonderful. After 30+ years of buying every diet book on the market, tonight I boxed up all of my diet books to donate to the library book sale. Danielle has started me on the best journey of my adult life…to wellness, with freedom from food obsessions. I am sleeping better, thinking clearly, and have enough energy to exercise everyday. I’m not hungry at all and have lost 7 pounds plus many inches. My belly bloat is gone and my food cravings are too.The 21 day cleanse is just what I needed to help me learn how to develop a relationship with food that is nourishing and in balance with the rest of my life. Sugar no longer controls my life. Instead of feeling guilty about not caring for my health I am enjoying the freedom of having a healthy relationship with food. I truly look forward to continuing on with my newfound lifestyle vs another new diet.Danielle has been very supportive and her daily emails are enlightening. Thank you Danielle from the bottom of my heart!

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