Real Food, Real Health

Group Weight Loss Program

~My Sustainable Eating Weight Loss Program will~
~Satiate you, eliminate unhealthy cravings
~Help you lose unwanted pounds
~Detoxify your body
~Decrease inflammation
~Improve your intestinal health and metabolism by balancing the “good” and “bad” bacteria
~Help identify food allergies/sensitivities
~Debunk food myths and “fad” diets
~Help you get in touch with your healthiest spiritual and emotional eating needs


~The Cost is $299 & Includes~
~10 group, nutritionist-led support meetings
~Lessons on how to ferment your own foods
~Lessons on how to make kombucha (including receiving a SCOBY)
~”Approved Food List” with recipes
~Educational information on scientifically proven, key ways to lose weight
~Unlimited email support for over 3 months
~Online weight loss community support
~Healthy snacks served at meetings


~3 Weekly meetings Jan 28-Feb 11~
~7 Bi-weekly meetings Feb 25-May 19~
Location: Holyoke (T.B.A. upon registration)
Time: 7p.m.-8p.m.


Questions or to sign up:  413.320.1997 or email


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